Print Size. Print only.
20×25 cm  / 8×10 Inch 20 Euro / 150 kr. plus shipping
30×45 cm / 12×18 Inch 55 Euro / 400 kr. plus shipping
40×60 cm / 16×24 Inch 100 Euro / 750 kr. plus shipping
50×60 cm / 20×24 Inch 160 Euro / 1200 kr. plus shipping
50×75 cm / 20×30 Inch 200 Euro / 1500 kr. plus shipping
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I hope you enjoy my online portfolio, but the best way to appreciate one of the images is in a print.

I strive to make the highest quality prints possible. All print is printed on an Epson 7880 printer using the best paper from Hahnemühle / Harman and Ilford.
The inks from Epson and the quality of the papers are certified to last for minimum 75 years. The prints are printed on different paper depending on the motive. Some prints are best on watercolor looking paper, while others look best on glossy paper.


If you are interested in ordering a print, please email me at


I will ship the print when I have received the amount on my bank account.


Images may be cropped or have their aspect ratio changed slightly to accommodate certain print sizes.
Even if you see the print on a calibrated screen, there can be a slightly difference in color gamut in the print.