About me

I am a Copenhagen based nature photographer.
I was one of the foundig members of NFD – Nature photographers of Denmark.

I started like most other photographers with photographing birds and animals,
but today landscape photography has become my over all passion.

I like of course the “Grand Landscape” where light transforms land and sea into a scene. It`s the light which make the scene and this
quality of light can be found during what photographers call the ” magic hour”.
But also the “Intimate Landscape” with simplicity and abstration is a joy for me.

I try to convey the emotion I was feeling, and the sense of wonder I have when I see the beauty in nature.
The photographs are glimpse I have had of beauty in the nature and that`s what I try to give to the viewer.

The images you see in the gallery have been created with both medium format camera and high end digital camera, which I use today.

Hope you will enjoy the galleries.